Quinoa is a plant that was traditionally cultivated in South America and it was the dietary staple of pre-Columbian civilizations. It is considered a pseudo-cereal, meaning that it is a plant whose seeds we consume in more or less the same way we consume grains. Like buckwheat, amaranth and chia, quinoa is not a member of the grass family but is related to beets and spinach.

At the grocery store, it can be found in white or red varieties. Like millet, it has a slightly nutty flavor. Quinoa has quickly become the darling of healthy eaters since it is a food with an exceptional nutritional profile. It is rich in fibre, proteins, manganese, iron and zinc. It also contains essential fatty acids. Another interesting fact: quinoa is gluten-free. It is therefore an excellent choice for those who suffer from coeliac disease.

Quinoa can be used instead of pasta, couscous and rice in main dishes. It can also be eaten as a porridge. It should always be thoroughly rinsed before cooking as it contains saponins.

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