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About us

PR International was established in 1984 and built from the ground up by the skilled hands of Mr. Pierre Richer, a young, ambitious entrepreneur who was attuned to the needs and latest food trends of the time. Legend has it that his nickname in the business world was “The Coconut King” as his company quickly became Canada’s primary importer of the popular fruit.

Today, PR International imports and distributes a variety of nuts, dried fruit, seeds and grains as well as countless types of snacks. Over the years, Pierre Richer has traveled far and wide to meet producers with whom he wished to collaborate in person, often while sharing local dishes, each one more exotic than the last.

His commitment to quality and the authenticity of products distributed by his business means that PR International works in close collaboration with sixty-odd suppliers in more than 40 countries. Diversification is an integral part of this company and as a result, customers can choose from more than 500 products.

PR International’s distribution network ensures peace of mind whatever your line of business: agri-food processing, hospitality (hotels, restaurants, institutions), catering, manufacturing, bakery product distribution, as well as the retail trade. PR International has been ensuring North American distribution with the greatest integrity since day one.


Our suppliers hold Kosher certification as well as many other internationally recognized quality certifications