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Amandes - Almonds


The almond is a nut that looks like an immature green peach. The almond is an oval, oleaginous seed with…

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Rondelles de pomme - Apple rings

Apple Rings

The apple is a low-calorie fruit. It is a healthy snack choice when you are really hungry. What’s more, the…

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Abricots - Apricots


The apricot is an excellent source of energy, iron and copper. So like the Brazil nut, it is the athlete’s…

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Croustilles de bananes - Banana chips

Banana Chips

The banana is known for its rich and naturally sweetened flavour. It is a fruit that is rich in fibre…

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Orge - Barley


Barley is a cereal that is rich in fibre and low in fat. It is an edible seed and it is…

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Mélange méli-mélo - Bits and Bites

Bits and Bites Mix

A snack for those who can’t make up their mind! Rings, squares and pretzels share center stage in this mixture…

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Bleuets - Blueberries


The blueberry, close relative of the bilberry, is mainly cultivated in North America. This dried fruit stores incredible health benefits…

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Noix du Brésil - Brazil nuts

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nut is a hard-shelled fruit. It is beneficial to athletes and an excellent source of proteins and calories. The…

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Carvi - Caraway


Caraway is an herbaceous plant that is grown for its leaves but primarily for its seeds. The seeds are prized…

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Noix de cajou - Cashews


Cashews grow on the cashew tree. It comes from a false fruit that we call the cashew apple. The nut…

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Cerises - Cherries


The dried sour cherry contains five times more antioxidants than the sweet cherry. It can help prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease…

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Noix de coco - Coconut


The coconut is a fruit that is rich in fibre. It promotes digestion, reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease…

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Canneberges - Cranberries


The cranberry is one of the only fruits that is native to the North American continent. Along with the blueberry,…

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Dates are an excellent source of dietary fibre. Thanks to their high levels of potassium, magnesium and iron, as well…

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A primary dietary staple of ancient civilizations, the fig, both dried and fresh, has been popular for its health benefits.…

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Graines de lin - Flax

Flax Seed

Flax seeds are a significant source of omega-3. They help to reduce cholesterol, protect nerve cells and prevent cardiovascular issues.…

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Gingembre - Ginger


Ginger is a root that is rich in fibre. It is consumed for its invigorating and stimulating properties, but also…

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Noisettes - Hazelnuts


The hazelnut, also called “filbert”, is the fruit of the common hazel. Turkey is the largest producer of hazelnuts. This…

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The kiwi is the fruit of a plant that is native to China. Kiwi is currently cultivated in many countries…

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Noix de Macadamia

Macadamia Nuts

The macadamia tree is native to Australia. Like the Brazil nut, it is rich in fatty acids and this makes…

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Mangue - Mango


The mango is an exotic fruit with juicy, sweet flesh. It contains a large quantity of vitamin A and vitamin…

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A gluten-free couscous Millet is a member of the grass family.  It is low-allergenic and gluten-free and as a result,…

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Mélange de noix et fruits séchés - Nuts and dried fruits mix

Nuts and Dried fruits mix

Delicious, substantial and nourishing; our mixtures of walnut and dried fruits will seduce you besides treating you! These mixtures are…

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Papaye - Papaya


The papaya is a fleshy fruit that is full of vitamins and minerals. It is an excellent stimulant for the…

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Pêche - Peaches


Dried peaches are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They are therefore beneficial for those who would like to lower…

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Poires - Pears


The pear is an edible pomaceous fruit of which there are over two thousand varieties. Its flavour is mild and…

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Noix de Pecan


The pecan nut, generally called “pecan” is native to North America and is the fruit of the pecan tree. It…

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Noix de pin - Pine nuts

Pine nut

Pine nuts are found between the scales of the pine cone. They are cultivated throughout southern Europe and the United…

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Ananas - Pineapples


The pineapple is a tropical fruit whose flavour is both sweet and tart. Like the apple, the pineapple is low-calorie…

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Pistaches - Pistachios


Found in the Mediterranean region, the pistachio is one of the most ancient nut trees. The pistachio stays in in…

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Graines de pavot - Poppy seeds

Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds are blue or black oilseeds and are used throughout the world in cooking, in some types of bread…

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Bretzels - Pretzels


A pretzel is a traditional salty pastry. The origin of pretzels is contested by Germany and the region of Alsace.…

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Pruneau - Prunes


Prunes are in fact dried plums. The plum is a stone fruit with sweet juicy flesh. Although China is the…

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Graines de citrouille - Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

The pumpkin is native to North America and has long been known for its diuretic properties. Pumpkin seeds are consumed…

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Quinoa is a plant that was traditionally cultivated in South America and it was the dietary staple of pre-Columbian civilizations.…

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Raisins are known as the healthiest of all dried fruits. They are concentrated in minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium…

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Croustilles de riz - Rice crackers

Rice crackers

Rice crisps are made with sticky rice. These crisps come in various shapes, are flavoured with soy sauce and are…

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Maïs roti - Corn nuggets

Roasted Corn nuts

We know all about popcorn but have you ever tried roasted corn? It is an addictive snack that will please…

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Sesame Seeds

Sesame is an oleaginous plant. This means that the seeds are rich in lipids and essential fatty acids. As with…

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Bâtonnets de sésame - Sesame sticks

Sesame Sticks
Corn Chips with Flax

These delicious sticks are made of roasted sesame seeds and are really crunchy. These small seeds are rich in iron…

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Fraises - Strawberries


The strawberry is a small red fruit that is mild and sweet. It is the fruit of the strawberry plant.…

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Graines de tournesol - Sunflower seeds

Sunflower Seeds

These seeds of the famous flower are rich in phosphorus, manganese, zinc, potassium and magnesium. The presence of magnesium in…

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Tomates - Tomatoes


The tomato is native to South America and is often mistaken for a vegetable. It has antioxidant properties and is…

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Croustilles de légumes - Veggie Chips

Vegetable Chips

Chips made with various kinds of vegetables, including potato, sweet potato, carrot, green beans and beets. A healthy choice!

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Noix de Grenoble - Walnuts


In Quebec, the term used for all varieties of nuts produced by the walnut tree is “Noix de Grenoble.” This…

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Pois séchés au Wasabi - Wasabi peas

Wasabi Peas (R&S)

Wasabi peas are green peas that are seasoned with wasabi. Wasabi is a condiment that is similar to mustard and…

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Enrobage chocolat - Chocolate coating

Yogurt and Chocolate Coated

Are you looking for a snack that will tickle your taste buds but will leave you with a clear conscience?…

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